Original photography by Andrew J.a.n.j.i.g.i.a.n. // Cambridge, USA.

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(noun) Psychology. Paracosm is an extremely rare word defining the imaginary world constructed in one’s mind, specifically by children. It is an infinite fantasy, anything can exist from animals to aliens and entities foreign to outsiders. Anything is possible in this fantasy milieu, one has their own language, experience, geography and history. Parcosm is usually developed as a result of high creativity, problem-solving, and others theorize: high intelligence.  (via wordsnquotes)

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Anonymous said: What do you think about a lot of 'main stream' professional porn being demeaning towards woman? And how porn makers talk about wanting woman to be hurt and raped because 'fuck bitches', etc. Obv this isn't the entirety of the porn industry, but what are your thoughts about it?


There are elements, (sometimes big elements) of the porn industry, that are extremely problematic. It’s not something I want to engage with but I support anyone’s else’s free choice to. Consenting acts between free adults. If a performer wants to make a movie like that or a director wants to shoot it, as long as everyone is completely aware of how it will be presented and sold and consents, that’s really none of my business.

The issue is that because porn is so tied to profit and capitalism that producers are scared to make anything that doesn’t cater to the imaginary “porn customer” (straight, white, cis male) So this is the majority of porn that’s funded. They believe that dumb misogyny is what he wants, I don’t think that’s necessarily so. You can listen to Courtney Trouble talking at the Feminist Porn Awards about choosing not to make work for that traditional stereotype and succeeding. The way to begin to redress the inbalance is to expand and diversify who engages with pornography, both as performers and consumers.

My business isn’t to dictate to anyone what kind of porn is acceptable and unacceptable. I have my own feelings and limits but they shouldn’t impact anyone else’s choices. If you don’t like something, instead of just complaining about it, you can change it yourself. Make the porn you want to see in the world. Create more opportunities for people to make more ethical porn choices. Let’s flood the market with independent, creative, diverse porn so that we can change the ratio.

10-cent wings. October, 2014.

Stevie Macaroni X Alveoli Photography

Happy Birthday, Stevie! Thanks for the super-fun evening last night.

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i treat my body like a temple but i’m a 16th century calvinist 



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